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Marsabit Charity Drive

29th September Nairobi – Marsabit : Camp at Marsabit National Park 30th September Charity event at Chorora Explore Gof Redo, Gof Jirime and Gof Choba 1st October Explore Marsabit National Park Gof Sokorte Guda, Sokorte Dika, Gof Bongole, Bakuli Dam 2nd October Drive to Ololokwe Camp at Sabache 3rd October Explore Sabache Cat & Mouse […]


Embracing harmony between people and elephants on Mount Marsabit, Kenya

In December 2022, our team from Marsabit, alongside a member of Chorora Women’s Group underwent training on apiary management, beekeeping and bee ecology to enable us to understand the best strategy to handle human-elephant conflict using bees as a means of mitigation. Continuous drought and the quest for pasture and water have recently led elephants to come […]