The National Geographic Society is a global nonprofit scientific and educational organization committed to exploring and protecting our planet. The society pushes the boundaries of exploration to further our understanding of our planet and empower all to generate solutions for a more sustainable future. The Society funded The Explorer’s Club of Kenya to organize a very enjoyable and educative two day Nature Workshop under the title, Photo Ark Community Initiative, that was held at Moi Girls High School, Marsabit on the 3rd and 4th of April 2018.
With the theme ‘Fascinating Invertebrates’, the workshop aimed at educating the students about the importance of invertebrates (arachnids, insects and myriapods) in nature for the overall wellbeing of humans. The workshop was graced by several wildlife experts and environmental conservationists from National Geographic Society, The National Museums of Kenya, The Explorer’s Club of Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Service and community leaders who educated, mentored and inspired students to take up leading roles in nature and science in the future.

After a 2 hour Bioblitz event within the Marsabit National Reserve, students formed groups and showcased what they had learnt through art, skits, poems, dances and speeches. Scroll through our gallery to see how the event was.

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