About Us

The Explorer’s Club of Kenya® is a non-profit, membership-based society, registered in Kenya No. 47630.

The Explorer’s Club of Kenya is a dynamic and dedicated organization committed to driving positive change in marginalized communities through innovative solutions, environmental stewardship, and capacity building. We have a deep-rooted passion for sustainability and empowerment, our organization has been at the forefront of catalyzing transformative initiatives that bridge knowledge gaps, foster peace, and address pressing environmental challenges. Our efforts are driven by a shared vision of creating a brighter and more resilient future for the marginalized youth and women of Marsabit, Kenya.

The Club publishes a quarterly magazine known as The Explorer to document the Club’s activities and publish simple, colourful and easy to read nature articles aimed for the consumption of school children and the public. Most of the articles are contributions sent by our members. The magazine’s readership base has spread far-and-wide across most continents and is increasing rapidly, not to mention its membership, which includes scientists, professionals and students.

As pioneers of innovative community-driven programs, we recognize the pivotal role that technology and education play in empowering individuals to become agents of change. Leveraging our experience in community engagement, environmental conservation, and peace-building, we are excited to present a program that not only equips youth and women with essential IT skills but also harnesses their potential to combat climate change and cultivate peace within their communities. Through strategic partnerships, a passionate team, and a holistic approach, we are poised to make a lasting impact in Marsabit and amplify our efforts to foster a prosperous and sustainable society.

Our journey is driven by a commitment to creating a brighter future, where technology, innovation, and collaboration intersect to pave the way for empowered individuals who can lead their communities towards resilience and progress.